v2.0, and MPI

Various things, including the arrival of our second baby, kept me from the blog the past two months. But now that the baby is sleeping through the night, let me take a stab again. v2.0.

In the meantime, I have accepted an offer from the Max Planck Institute for Software Systems, and plan to move to Germany next year. MPI-SWS has an excellent group, and they’re going to grow over the next several years! If you work in the area of software systems, and are looking for a faculty position, please apply! If you want to work in the area of software systems, please apply to the graduate program at MPI!

What’s more, MPI is not the only place which is hiring: IST Austria, with Tom Henzinger as President, is hiring (“40-50 research groups by 2016”), and so is IMDEA, Madrid. IST has already hired Krishnendu Chatterjee. IMDEA hired a bunch of very capable PL/verification folks (including my postdoc Pierre Ganty), and will grow more. It is an exciting time to be in Europe, especially for verification/systems types.


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