ACM TECS now has page limits

I recently found out that ACM Transactions on Embedded Computing Systems now mandates that every submission must be at most 25 pages. I think it is not a good step. In the conference-centric worldview of computer science, we already have a tendency to omit details in order to fit ideas “perfectly” into somewhat arbitrarily imposed page limits. However, the argument always is that a more detailed version can be presented in an archival journal. By setting a somewhat arbitrary page limit, TECS is going to encourage a slew of papers that somehow all “just fit” into 25 pages, with some parts omitted “for lack of space.” I am not sure this is good for the field, or for the journal. I cannot come up with a convincing argument that every idea in embedded computing systems worth writing about can be written in 25 pages. 🙂

In the particular case, I asked my postdoc to look for a different journal, one that does not impose page limits.


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